The five best things you can do on a long commute

Make your commute less boring with these 5 things.

Gautham Dinesh
3 min readFeb 25, 2024
Photo by Tomas Anton Escobar on Unsplash

One of the things that I despise is a long and boring commute right at the very start of my day. But I realized that it doesn’t have to be that bad. If you are not as lucky to be able to walk or bike to work (which is a way cooler way to commute), then do not fret because doing any of the five things in this blog will instantly boost the quality of your commute.


Listening to podcasts is one of my favorite things on a long commute. I pre-download episodes on Spotify that I like and have them playing throughout. I love podcasts because they provide a lot of entertainment, and knowledge and do not require holding onto a physical object if you have to change stations or buses. You can wear your headphones and go about your commute like you would do normally. Some of my favorite podcasts are:

  • Huberman Lab
  • All-In
  • My First Million
  • The Diary Of A CEO
  • The Tim Ferriss Show


If you have a commute that allows you to sit/stand in one place, reading is extremely convenient. You can easily get through a couple of pages a day during your commute and this makes it easier to make daily reading a habit.


Similar to podcasts, audiobooks can be a great way to combine hands-free with your favorite books. Audiobooks are now available on various platforms like Audible, and Spotify with many bestsellers now available in the audiobook version.


Listening to a curated playlist to get your day started is a wonderful way to put you in the mood to tackle the day ahead and wind down on your way back. When I’m not in the mood to focus on anything, I put on some good tunes and chill on my way to work or back.

Language learning

Practicing some flashcards or getting through some Duolingo lessons is a great way to get on top of your foreign language practice. Especially due to the compounding effects, this can be a great way to obtain new vocabulary and become proficient in no time.